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  • *Talking to an Old Friend*

    Sometimes our lives change and we move in new directions… That's ok. We all change and grow… But its nice to remember where you have come from. #friendship   #girlfriends   #girlfriendsocial   Google+: Reshared 12 times Google+: View post on Google+

  • *You Are*

    Ok.. if you are guy…  maybe the girl beside you, or your wife, ok… maybe your mom than. 🙂 #inspiration #friendship #girlfriends   Google+: Reshared 24 times Google+: View post on Google+

  • Friendship Tips – Avoid Being A “Third Wheel”

    Uh oh. Third Wheel. Perhaps the worst two word to hit friendship since the dawn of time. No one every wants to be that odd person out. Let’s make sure we are all playing with the same terms here.

    What is a “Third Wheel”?
    third wheel definition
    1. n.
    an extra person; a person who gets in the way. (Such a person is as useful as a third wheel on a bicycle.) : Well, let’s face it. We don’t need you. You are a third wheel.

    This friendship beast usually appears when your long time gal pal suddenly enters into a new relationship. Sometimes it applies to a group of three of the same