Girlfriends are our SoulMates

What do you think about this quote? “Girlfriends are our SoulMates”  Do you have closer relationships with your female pals than perhaps your husband, boyfriend or partner?

sex and the city friendship quote - Girlfriends are our SoulMates

SEX AND THE CITY Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth play a lot with the idea of soul mates.

Written by Amanda Blain

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9 years ago

good friendship

Paul Smith
9 years ago

I find women easier to talk with in general but I've had deep personal links with a couple guys that have been maintained over time, women too – I think another word for soul mate is best friend.  I was friends with a woman for 25 years but we were only best friends, and lovers, for the first five years.  I knew a guy for 32 years.  We were best friends until he died last year.  I helped a woman, a married friend of mine with a sweet child, with her business for 4 years when she needed it and I was available.  We spent a lot of time on the road together and became good friends.  She would pay me when she could.  I was a friend helping out and she was generous when she could be.  Basically we owed each other nothing but our respect.  We shared far more with each other about ourselves and about our relationships than with anyone I had ever known.  We had no reason to hide anything from each other.  We had the freedom to be completely honest, given the respect due a friend.  It was great, and we had only a friendly relationship.  We each had our own intimate relationships.  Everybody knows that no matter how honest you are with your intimate partner your real opinions are only shared with a trusted friend.  Usually best friends are same sex, and even when they are not the same rules they apply for themselves everyday are in force, so don't worry about the sexual question.  If you are worried,  I would assume you are not working hard enough on your relationship with your partner – and you must know it – so get to working with your partner – start talking – relax, open up to your feelings and reality – just do it – it gets easier once you have started…..