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  • Top 5 Contouring Makeup Products

    Contouring and highlighting have become the “it” thing in the makeup world recently. It is a great way to highlight features and make your face stand out. There are a lot of different products and techniques that you can find. We reviewed the best contouring kits for both beginners and pros. These kits range from […]

  • How to Create Perfect No Heat Curls

    We can all agree that the perfect curls can make quite a fashion statement but how do you get no heat curls? You want that perfect, soft, and bouncy curls look that can give your face definition and sophistication, however, they can be really tricky to achieve. But if you often use heat to achieve […]

  • Do you Wear Makeup Everyday?

    Many women wear makeup everyday. Every. Single. Day. They get up. They go to the shower, then the mirror and start the process of painting their face. Even if they are not going outside that day.  It is a part of life like eating, or showering. Its a lot of pressure that women put on […]

  • Supporting a Friend Who Excessively Counts Calories

    Do you have trouble supporting a friend who excessively counts calories? There is a wave crossing the nation where people are making a true effort to eat healthier and live a more active lifestyle, which is awesome.  But what do you do when you have a friend that is over the top and so obsessive […]

  • Create Perfect Smoky Eye Look in 5 Steps

    Just how DO you go about creating  a perfect smoky eye look? Don’t know about you girlfriends, but we have trouble with this… There is nothing sexier than a classic Smokey eye look. Here are steps to follow to create this pretty look in a  nice visual and text format. Steps to create perfect smoky […]

  • Jewelry for Sporty Fashion

      A sporty look is a quickly growing trend for women this summer. High fashion is getting into this trend as well as recently we’ve seen some sporty looks coming down he catwalk recently as well, note the fashionable jersey top shown here. The current trend calls for a more graceful and feminine look and […]

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