Do you Wear Makeup Everyday?

Many women wear makeup everyday. Every. Single. Day. They get up. They go to the shower, then the mirror and start the process of painting their face. Even if they are not going outside that day.  It is a part of life like eating, or showering. Its a lot of pressure that women put on themselves to look photoshop beautiful all the time and wearing makeup everyday. I’ve even heard stories of women who get up a full half hour every day they are dating their boyfriend/fiance because they need to do their makeup and hair before their LIFE partner sees them. That sounds like a lot of pressure to look perfect to me.

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Perfect hair, nails, face and body that rarely will ever match to watch we see in magazine or on TV. You can’t exactly match real life to the photoshop images and photos we see everyday. So why do women “try so hard”?   You ARE Beautiful – Watch This Ladies(and gents), where every you are… YOU are amazing and beautiful and should take a moment to watch this video…. It’s kind of heart string touching awesome… 

Colbie Caillart takes a big jab at the photoshop world we force ourselves to be in… Do you like you ? 

This video helps show that women are beautiful even without all the “fluff”. Many comments on the YouTube talk about how there is not a high enough mixture of not attractive women, but I think that just proves the entire POINT of the video. The women selected are  a pale red head, a woman with many tattoos, several older women, a woman with huge frizzy hair, a women with many moles on her face, women with spaces in their teeth, an over weight gal with freckles and a women who is bald….  Not what I would pick as the super model beautiful line up…. They seem like a pretty decent range mix of “average women”….

Burn victims? Women with deformed faces? Acne scars?  Missing teeth? are those more common conventionally unattractive women that this video is needing?

The point is.. The “average women” ARE beautiful without the extras or wearing makeup everyday… and we as a society…  agree  😀  Be proud of who you are and when you look in the mirror ladies. You are enough. ….Cause I like youelectric rainbow - Do you Wear Makeup Everyday?

Written by Amanda Blain

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