What is Girlfriend Social?

We are the number one social networking site for women. A place where women of all ages and backgrounds can come to talk, share and bond with new female friends.

Girlfriend Social is one of the biggest female-only social networking sites available. Established in Jan, 2009, GFS is still expanding. With  currently over 250k of members, it’s working. Free for all women to sign up, GFS website allows them to talk, share and bond in whatever ways they are comfortable.

Events are posted by a local rep, local companies and verified members. The discussion areas inside allow women to chat on topics ranging from the best local hair salons to how best to get over a break up or how to deal with fleas on your pet. Chat rooms, Messaging features, and ability to review companies is all inside!

Testimonials and Girlfriend Social Reviews

Melissa “I have met a wonderful group of ladies in here. I have to tell you this website was a Godsend. I am so glad to have stumbled upon it. I have made some very nice new friends…which we all know is very hard to do these days, plus the events are great!” ~ Lyndia

“My husband was just transfered to a new city. I am a stay at home mom with little way to meet new people. You don’t know how much your site has helped me! I have met other women who are going through the same thing. One even lives just over a few streets, who knew?! Thank you again.”~ Melissa

“Thank you so much for creating this site. I no longer feel so alone!” ~ Katie

Girlfriend Social, based Canada, is currently available worldwide free for all women to use to make friends.

What are you waiting for? Girlfriend Social is Totally free to use and meet friends and takes only moments to get started. Sign up now! –  http://www.girlfriendsocial.com