How to Avoid Being A Third Wheel

How to Avoid Being A Third Wheel? Uh oh. Third Wheel. Perhaps the worst two word to hit friendship since the dawn of time. No one every wants to be that odd person out. Let’s make sure we are all playing with the same terms here.

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What is a “Third Wheel”?

third wheel definition
1. n.
an extra person; a person who gets in the way. (Such a person is as useful as a third wheel on a bicycle.) : Well, let’s face it. We don’t need you. You are a third wheel.
This friendship beast usually appears when your long time gal pal suddenly enters into a new relationship. Sometimes it applies to a group of three of the same sexed friends. I.e. Your Best pal and her “new co-worker” and you.

All in all let us get to the tips to make this uncomfortable situation better.

Friendship Tips for Dealing with a Third Wheel

  1. If your friend has recently started a new relationship(or friendship), then the amount of time they had before may be changed. Even if you did all kinds of things together before, a new relationship will change the time. You probably want to give them the space they need instead of forcing the uncomfortable situation.
  2. Book some time where it can be just the two of you. Take the initiative and set up a dinner for you two, a spa trip or a shopping mall tour. Understand that dates might need to be flexible!
  3. Spend some serious time getting to know the new person. If you show a genuine interest and get along there wont be as much negative feelings involved
  4. Suggest Group Activities instead. If a large group goes to the movies instead of just the 3 of you – there is no “odd one out”.
  5. Spending time with other interests and friends. Finding other forgotten hobbies or new friends of your own is a great way to get back in touch with you.

As hard as it is to go through, your friend is following a natural course of life. We all change, grow, evolve and yes even fall in love. You need to be there to support your friend through their changes, even if at times it seems you can hardly recognize them. Accept the new experiences and grow from them. You will be happy you did.

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Remember the best way to be a friend is to listen, understand, support and compromise. All of which you will need to use to avoid being a third wheel.

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11 years ago

I enjoyed your article about the friendship being a third wheel. Thanks for the tips I will remember them.