Anyone Who Ever Gave You Confidence You Owe Them A lot

Who Gives You Confidence??

Anyone who ever gave you confidence you owe them a lot. Confidence is what makes you believe you are capable of doing something, succeeding, belief in yourself.

Who has helped build your confidence in life? Friends? Family? A Teacher?

As Holly Golightly says in Breakfast at Tiffany’s ….

Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.. 😉


tiffany - Anyone Who Ever Gave You Confidence You Owe Them A lot

Written by Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Several Million Followers on the Internet . I own several websites -

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Nikki Crome
9 years ago

This is SO crucial in my artwork.

It's one thing if you believe in yourself – but given so many things that bring you down on a daily basis – having those around to help lift your spirits, encourage, motivate, inspire and challenge you to go further – those people are extremely important to me.

They can be my mom….or they can be a complete stranger on here from another country ….everyone and everything effects us in different ways and some more than others.

Some people just don't understand how important this can be in our daily levels of productivity.

Thanks for this post,I needed this. ^_^

Melody Migas
9 years ago

Lately, my husband. 🙂

Sloan Dietterick
9 years ago

Always my mom

L Franklin
9 years ago

My mom and kids

Julissa Tiscareno
9 years ago

My mom & this guy ^.^

Bunnary Bour
9 years ago

My mom and my man. ^_^

Hilson Ona
9 years ago

Happy Holiday to everyone!

Jill Voll
9 years ago

My parents…& even all you friendly people I've never met. Thank you & thank you GF Social. I feel like Xena!

Jimly S
9 years ago

Always my mom

Grant Martin
Grant Martin
8 years ago

Great movie .. for sure !
They need to make more of them .. not like the crap they churn out today … 🙂