Ladies Tend to Hibernate When Fall Starts

Why do Ladies Tend to Hibernate When Fall Starts? A woman might have a beautiful home to come to each and every day, but have you ever felt like it was a cave and you just wanted to hibernate? That feeling isn’t so far off base, especially when the fall season is right around the corner. Women have natural tendencies to hole up and hibernate like animals that they need to fight in order to prevent neglecting themselves during the fall and winter months.

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Especially for women who live in the north, fall and winter can be hard seasons to live through. There is the cold air, the snow, the gray days and the wind that keeps you from wanting to venture out in the cold. Actually, you feel very much like a bear or other animal that wants to hibernate until spring! And the reality is the female human does have tendencies like other mammals that hibernate.

Stay away from Comfort Foods

You know how you went to make all of those comfort foods on the first rainy, cold and blustery day of the fall to make yourself feel warm? That isn’t so far off from animals that gather foods and bulk up so they have an extra layer of fat to keep them warm over the winter. While it is OK to enjoy some comfort foods to warm you up, don’t overindulge. Turn the thermostat up to keep your body warm and don’t feel the need to add an extra layer of fat to do so. The fat of female hibernating animals burns off every year because they have babies. Unless you plan on having babies each year and want to work hard in the spring, avoid fatty foods.

See a Dr If Its Serious

Are you moody on gray days and just want to lie around in bed? Animals hole up in their dens and just go to sleep but women can’t. If your mood doesn’t seem to perk up after a few days, check in with your doctor and see if they can shed some light – no pun intended – on if you have SAD (seasonal Affect Disorder). This disorder affects both men and women, but women more so. The cure is to have special lights at your desk or in your room that mimic the sunlight. These lights are turned on for a few minutes every day and can stimulate your brain in to thinking sunnier thoughts.

Final Thoughts on Why Ladies Tend to Hibernate When Fall Starts

Make sure to socialize on a regular basis instead of sticking to your den (home) where it is warm and comfortable. Venturing out in the cold on occasion to have a drink with your girlfriends might be exactly what you need in order to life the mood. If you are finding you are lacking that female friendship time, perhaps its time to meet some new girl pals on Girlfriend Social.  Chatting, socializing and just getting out and about on the town might be a cheap prescription to bolster your mood and your brain enzymes so that your feeling of happiness lasts for several days, even if you are dealing with crabby children, a cranky husband and a bunch of co-workers who need to get out and fix their own moods!

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