5 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Easy bridesmaid gift ideas

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We found some awesome bridesmaid gift ideas so that you can show your bridesmaids how much you appreciate them! Planning a wedding is an exciting time. You have a lot of things to focus on, but don’t forget about your important girls in your life! Your bridesmaids are such an important part of your wedding and of course you will want to get them something nice as a thank you. Thinking of what to get your girls can be overwhelming though. There are so many gift ideas out there and you might be on a budget as well. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give great gifts. Keep reading to see our picks.

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5 Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Pajamas for your bridesmaids

Cute PJ’s are always a great gift idea. You can get each bridesmaid a pair in their favorite color. You can also monogram them or put a cute design to commemorate the day! There are lots of websites that will personalize pajamas. If you want to splurge a little, you could also get each of your girls a pair of silk pajamas. All of you in your matching PJ’s also makes for a great photo opportunity!

Travel/Survival Kit

Having a small kit in your purse for emergency situations is always a good idea. Some ideas to put in the kit: nail file, aspirin, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, band-aids, mouthwash, concealer, comb, perfume, deodorant and lotion. You can purchase kits online or make your own!

Beauty Products

Every girl likes a little makeup! A great cheap bridesmaid gift idea is to get each of your girls some makeup or other beauty products. You can go to the drugstore and get them a nice lip balm, eye shadow, bath bombs, or a fun nail polish color. Wrap it in cute paper and with a bow, and you have a perfect gift that they can actually use.

Personalized/Monogrammed Items

Monogram everything! You can get pretty much any item personalized or monogrammed. Get your favorite girls sunglasses, wine glasses, coffee mugs, tote bags, hats, flip flops, towels, t-shirts, or whatever else you can think of. Put together a basket of items, or pick one item to give everyone. These also make for fun and affordable party favors for your wedding guests.

Folding Shoes/Ballet Flats

Although the high heels match the dress perfectly, your bridesmaids will appreciate a pair of flats to change into when the dance party starts. Get them a comfortable pair of ballet flats (that complement their dresses, of course). Foldable ballet flats usually come in a small carrying case, making them super easy to carry around. If you are feeling particularly fancy you can get the carrying case personalized so they will always remember this special day. These also make great gifts because they can be used over and over again. They are a great bridesmaid gift ideas.

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You don’t have to spend a lot of many to still get great bridesmaid gift. We hope you like these fun and cheap bridesmaid gift ideas. Let your creativity out and show your girls how much it means to you that they are supporting you on this special occasion.

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