Make Friends In A New City In 5 Easy Steps

Moving to a new city can be a scary thing so come with us and we will help you figure out how to make friends in a new city! On top of finding where the new grocery store and movie theater is, your social life may have just taken a hit. Follow our 5 helpful tips to get back into the swing of things and start making new friends!

Make Friends In A New City

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Step 1

If you a women over the age of 18 sign up on Girlfriend Social This totally free website allows you to create a profile with your interests and search for other women who are local to you. Many cities also have totally free events you can attend to meet others in a group setting. It’s complete free to use all parts of the site. Your new best friend might be a few clicks away!

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Step 2

Join a new class or team. It’s something we hear a lot for a reason. It works! Take some time to find a local activity you would love, and spend some time getting together with people after the class as a group. This is easier than you think. Just ask!

Step 3

Follow Up! – When you do meet a new pal if the meeting was good invest some time into it right away. Let them know you enjoyed meeting up and make plans again, maybe a week or two out and STICK TO IT. You don’t have the years of friendship you do with long term friends, so you need to be on your ‘best friendship behaviors’.

Step 4

Although its strange to ask someone to grab a coffee. You’d be surprised how many people are just as lonley as you might be feeling. An honest “i’m new in this city and don’t really know anyone. You seem like you know whats going on.. would you want to grab a coffee sometime to chat?” can work wonders. Don’t feel you need to be embarassed or over explain. Just tell a new hopeful friend the truth.

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Step 5

Go All IN. Realize it might take awhile to have an active social life in a new city, but Don’t give up! Keep on holding events and following up with new people you come in contact with. If one friendship doesn’t work out, repeat steps 1 -4 again. You will make new friends if you remain postive and keep on it!

Bonus Step 6

Just because you have moved to a new city, doesn’t mean your old friends are not available for phone calls or even video calls in this day and age. If you are feeling particularly bad, reach out to those you already know and love to get a new smile.


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