4 Tips to Meet New Friends On Girlfriend Social

If you have had trouble making female friends in the past or making new friends online seems strange or “interview” like don’t worry! You are not alone! Follow our 4 easy tips to start the conversation and you will meet new friends in no time.

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Key tip:
The number one thing to remember is regardless of the background/age/circumstance, of the woman on Girlfriend Social, *Everyone* is here to meet more female friends.

1) Your New Friend, Is Not A Romantic Partner, So Don’t Have Those Same Meeting Expectations

FriendsNotBoyfriend - 4 Tips to Meet New Friends On Girlfriend SocialUnlike a dating partner, your friends are often quite different than you. You shouldn’t have the same list of demands as you might for a romantic partner. Many of the best friends people have in life, happen because of random chance. Ie. They sat next to someone in math class or they both worked together. They don’t know anything about a person but because of chance, they are able to grow and develop a strong friendship. There isn’t a strict screening process.

Your potential new friend’s height shouldn’t matter, or perhaps if they drink, smoke, or like dogs or cats is equally unimportant. Although this seems obvious to some, many women have very strict “must-have” lists for a new friend including very specific age, interests, and beliefs. Try not to think of your make new friend search as picky as you would a dating search.

2) What Kind Of Questions to Ask A New Friend

questions 1613432858 - 4 Tips to Meet New Friends On Girlfriend SocialSending many messages to as many women as you connect with is the best possible way to meet new friends on Girlfriend Social. Don’t put all your eggs in one magic basket of the perfect friend.

  • Browse through Profiles – Use either the Search or Match tab and read through some profiles. When you find someone who sounds interesting, strike up a conversation via a quick message – one line or two is usually enough to get started!
  • Comment on similar interests – “I noticed we both like cats. What are your cat’s names?
  • Comment on different interests – “I notice you take pottery classes. I’ve always wanted to try, How is it?”pottery 1613432807 - 4 Tips to Meet New Friends On Girlfriend Social
  • Comment on Location – “We are both in New York City! I love going to central park how about you?”
  • Comment on Children(or lack of!) – “We both have kids the same age! My youngest is just about to start ballet, not sure where I will find the time. Are your kids in any sports?”

Still not sure? Here are some more questions that will get your brain moving…

  • “I love the necklace in your photo! Where did you get it?”
  • “You work as a dance instructor, Wow! How did you get into that?”
  • “You mentioned you recently got married. Did you do it in the city? I’m looking for a location for my wedding and would love to hear your tips for survival”
  • “I LOVE the Beatles too! The white album is my fav”
  • “Not too much in your profile but I notice we are in the same city and are around the same age, so I thought I would say Hi! I am looking for someone to check out the latest Chick Flick Movie next weekend. You interested?”
  • “You went to Paris? I spent a week there and can’t wait to go back. Did you check out Petite Bakery?”

You get the idea. You can see how having a complete and filled out profile is important to find other ladies to connect with. The “ice breaker” comment is not NEARLY as important as you taking the chance to message someone.

2) Tips for Things to NOT message about

wrong way 1613433080 - 4 Tips to Meet New Friends On Girlfriend Social

You should also be you, but generally doing these types of behaviors or questions will get you little or poor results. Consider trying the questions above before you turn to these topics.

  • Generic Small Talk – This is hard to avoid when you don’t know someone, but generic statements like things about the weather, or plain messages like “Hi How R U” may not get you the results you are looking for. All women need to complete a full profile so try and find SOMETHING specific to message them about instead of dull, impersonal, small talk. Take the time to get to know someone real.talking 1613433182 - 4 Tips to Meet New Friends On Girlfriend Social
  • Do Not OverShare – Many women are on the site because they are going through a major and usually stressful life change of some kind. Anything you are going through does not need to be explained completely in the first few messages. A simple “I’m looking to meet some new friends” is a lot better message than “My last best friend cheated with my x-husband” as an opener. Your new friend is not a therapist, so when starting out try and not to dump all your baggage on her. Of course, you can share with time, but let a friendship develop first.
  • Talk only about yourself – A common problem women make when messaging is talking all about themselves and asking no questions of their new friend. A conversation needs a back and forth flow. If the last 4 paragraphs are all about you, then it’s time to pay attention to your new friend! Ask her some of the questions above to keep the bonding happening.

What happens after sending some messages?

Some reach out attempts result in just a few messages being exchanged before the conversation isn’t a good match, some lead to meeting for a cup of coffee or glass of wine, some might not respond at all, some turn into great pen pals you may never meet but can talk to about anything, and some might turn into long-lasting, real, best friend friendships.Trying - 4 Tips to Meet New Friends On Girlfriend Social

Each woman on Girlfriend Social is in a different period of their life and friendship making journey. Some will be better at making friends than others. Some women are very introverted and not sure how to make friends at all. Try not to take things personally and keep reaching out to new members to meet new friends. Friendship making is a journey, not a race.

Final Thoughts on Tips to Meet New Friends On Girlfriend Social

gfsthumb - 4 Tips to Meet New Friends On Girlfriend Social

Girlfriend Social members who take the initiative to search the member’s section and send out messages to people they find interesting are the ones that find the most success with using Girlfriend Social and meeting new friends. Remember this website is only a tool. It can not produce friendships for you. You will need to take the time to get to know other women, show interest in them, and blossom things into a friendship with time.

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