The Myth of a BFF?

AngryGirls - The Myth of a BFF?

When we are little girls we are told that life will look a lot like Disney. Our parents read us bed time stories and tell us what beautiful little girls we are. As part of this constant mix we are told that we will meet a girl pal and be the bestest of friends for life.

This first gal pal usually lives near by, or is a child of your parents friends or some other random circumstance. As we grow older that girl pal might change. As a teen watching Beaches  ala Bette Middler, Continues these ideas of life long friends. Finally the Sex and the City years paints another whole picture of what we are missing out on.

meangirls - The Myth of a BFF?

Truth be told ladies, your girl friends may be there for life – but they are more likely to come and go just as most other things change in your life. And honestly, that is ok. Some friends will always be there even if you haven’t talked in a long time. Some will fade away with life circumstances like Marriage, Moving or Motherhood. Sometimes you will have horrible tragic fights that point out how little you actually have in common after all these years. Remember, these are all normal and natural parts of a changing and growing adult life. Don’t put unrealistic expectations on your friends. Hold on to the friends who make you happy and support you, like you do for them. But do not feel bad if you need to cut others who are draining you, and start looking for new female pals who can help bring joy into your life again!

Embrace your life and make it a happy one! There is nothing wrong with that.


Written by Amanda Blain

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