Organizing: What Works For Me May Not Work For You!

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mp900385807 - Organizing: What Works For Me May Not Work For You!

When an organizer starts working with a client, it’s very important for me to get to know what kind of learner they are. Why? Knowing if someone is a more dominant left-brain thinker vs a right-brain thinker is extremely important when it comes to organizing.   Not sure if you’re left-brain or right-brain dominant?  There are a ton of different quick ‘test’ you can take on-line.  Here are 2 sites that you may wish to explore:

1. 20 question quiz that will ‘spit out’ what you are.

2. 54 questions that will give you your results.

There are many more sites available but I just happened to choose these two.  Just for reference, here are my own personal scores:

55% left-brain  and 45% right-brain

53% left-brain and 47% right-brain

How does this relate to organizing?  Here are some tips that I hope you find helpful:


  • Create an ordered workspace
  • Place items behind closed doors except for current tasks
  • Create logical ‘homes’ for things (pens, paper, etc.)
  • Purchase tools like desk drawer trays, labelers, etc.


  • Use color (file folders, magazine holders, etc).
  • Have options for current projects/tasks in the open
  • Use visual cues (colored post-it notes) as reminders
  • Purchase attractive organizers that you like to look at

Looking at myself, I’m almost 50-50 so what does that mean for me?  I actually tend to use a combination of left-brain and right-brain strategies.

What is important to remember is:  what works for me may not work for you. If you are more right-brain dominant your organization will look different than someone who may be more left-brain dominant.

So, before you begin your journey of becoming organized or more organized, do a little self-evaluation to figure out what will work best for you

Written by Amanda Blain

Business Owner, Super Hero & Geek Girl. Likes Technology, Video Games & Social Media. Several Million Followers on the Internet . I own several websites -

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10 years ago

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