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A sporty look is a quickly growing trend for women this summer. High fashion is getting into this trend as well as recently we’ve seen some sporty looks coming down he catwalk recently as well, note the fashionable jersey top shown here. The current trend calls for a more graceful and feminine look and some recent styles are even appropriate enough to be worn for a dinner date.

sports - Jewelry for Sporty Fashion


To break out the sporty look into an evening setting, you should pair it with appropriate jewelry to dress it down. First thought would be a “tennis” bracelet but these are much too glamorous for the real sporty look which makes a person wonder why they are called “tennis” bracelets in the first place?
If you were to show up at Brewsters for example wearing a sporty top and crop pant, all eyes would certainly be on you. It says you’re an active and fun girl, you know how to have a good time. You like to take care of yourself and don’t need to cry for attention with overwhelming cleavage and booty poppin’ shorts. Sports style is more understated but yet body hugging showing your curves while keeping enough secret to make you very desirable. That’s some food for thought!

sports2 - Jewelry for Sporty FashionA silver bracelet is an ideal jewelry accessory to pair with an outfit of this sorts as it’s slimline and sleek, like the clothes you wear. Click to view some examples of silver bracelets from that are ideal for dressing up this style. Any of the bracelets on the first 2 rows are the best options. Alternatively, you can try a bangle bracelet although it may prove too bulky for the tight fitting clothing.

Earrings are a must have and it would be a very glamorous contrast to wear crystal studs. Colored or clear, the tiny spot of shine is enough to add a big dose of femininity to your look. Visit this page for crystal earring options, with the best suggestions being the ones named Cassi, Chastity Corrie found at the bottom. You will sure attract the studs with these studs – pun intended 😉
sports1 - Jewelry for Sporty Fashion
Quite often women don’t think of wearing a sporty look to an evening event but if you dress it up in the right way with jewelry and your show choice is essential too – choose open toed high heel sandals and you will surely leave your mark an all the patrons as you walk through the door. Dressing this way is a unique yet fashionable approach to walking to the beat of your own drum while following an upcoming trend.

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