Frequently Asked Questions On Girlfriend Social

Signup Questions

Q.1 I have not received my Sign up Verification Email. What do I do?

A. There is no issue with email being sent from Girlfriend Social for verification purposes. If you do not receive the letter, especially after re-requesting it - Try the steps below or ask for help from a loved one.

Step 1) If you have not received your verification email, Try having it re-sent to you. Sign in to Girlfriend Social with your email and password. If you have not yet verified your account yet, the option to Re-send a verification email will be available to you.

Step 2) If your email address is not found when you try and log in, you may have had a typo or spelling mistake in your initial sign up. Please take a moment and sign up with your correct email again. You will need to pick a different user name.

Step 3) If you have re-requested the Verification email and it is still not in your Inbox - You will need to check your junk or spam email folder. Log into your email account and look for spam, junk or bulk mail folder/tab. There may be a few messages in there, but look for one from "Girlfriend Social Team" - "Email Verification".

Step 4) If you do not see the Email in your junk email or you do not seem to have a junk mail folder - You may have a rule set up on your email to immediate delete all suggested spam mail received or other similar filters set up. Check out the filters you have under the settings tab. Make sure your junk mail is not being deleted automatically and then re-request the verification email on the Girlfriend Social Website.

Step 5) If all these fail, wait for a trusted loved one to help you with this step.

Q.2 How Does Girlfriend Social Work and Allow Me To Meet Female Friends?

A. You start by signing up and creating a free profile about your interests, some basic questions and your location. Once completed, you will be able to search for other women in your area who match your interests. You can send any member a free private message. The choice is yours.

Q.3 Who uses Girlfriend Social?

A. In this busy life we all lead, it can be hard to meet new friends. Girlfriend Social provides a free online website that can help you find other local ladies like you who are looking to find new female friends. There are college graduates who have had a hard time meeting new friends after school, A bride to be who is tired of watching her husband "guy night sporting events" and wants to go watch a chick flick movie, a 40 or 50 something divorcee who is having to make new friendships for the first time in a long time, A single 30 year old who has just moved to a new city and finds it hard to meet anyone new... and many other completely normal women who have decided they need an effective and easy way to make new female friends.

Q.4 How Much Does Girlfriend Social Cost?

A. Girlfriend Social is totally free - There is no cost. It will take you about 10 minutes to set up your profile, where you answer a few questions about yourself and your interests. "Don't wish to share" is always an option.You are free to message, search profiles and participate in all areas of the site. We offer the ability for you to support the website by upgrading to optional gold or diamond level memberships. This gives you extra features and promotion around the website and more than doubles your chances of meeting a new friend as you will be highlighted and promoted in various ways. GFS is run by volunteers and off of the advertising that you see in banners on the website. We do not sell or share your personal information with anyone.

Q.5 Do you have any limitations in the Free Package?

A.Girlfriend Social is totally free to use to message, search and interact with other members. You will not be able to search by age range in the match section, see if users read your email, upload additional photos and several other features.

Q.6 Do you have Members in My City, or My Age Range?

A. We have over half a million women members on the site in countries all over the world. Some areas have more activity than others. Hundreds of new women sign up every day. As we are a volunteer free website, we don't have time to do that searching for you. It will take you about 15 minutes to create a complete profile and check the area you live in out yourself to see if there are women you think you are compatible with. If we don't have a match for you today, keep your free profile open and check back later. Your new best friend might sign up tomorrow and send you a message. Thanks for understanding.

Q.7 Who Runs Girlfriend Social?

A. Girlfriend Social is a website that is run 100% by volunteers. Although GFS is a federally registered corporation, it relies on the generosity of donations from members, volunteers, and local women to help spread the word. Amanda Blain is the president and Founder, designer, coder, customer support person, feature adder and event planner of the company. If you want to help Amanda and GFS out please feel check out our careers page.

Q.8 Do you allow Lesbians and Transgenders?

A. We do not ask questions about sexual orientation anywhere on our site. Any women over 18 in the world, who wants to join the site for female friendship, non-sexual purposes is invited to be a member.

If you fall into the Lesbian or Transgender category, it is suggested that you be open about these things either in your profile or first few messages to other members. Honesty is the best first step in any friendship. Be honest in your communication and intent and you will find the friends you are seeking. Girlfriend social is open to all women, everywhere. Hatred and bullying will NOT be tolerated.

Of course, Any member who is being sexual in any way, should be reported anonymously and we will investigate and remove them if applicable.

Account Questions

Q.1 How Do I Delete My Account? Will you delete my account for me?

A.You can easily remove your account by logging in and selecting 'the gear setting' on the top of the site Or If you are on mobile select your profile and then the 'gear setting' and finally choose the delete account option. - Or simply log in and then click one of the options below to be take to the page directly :

If you are an optional upgraded and paid member of Girlfriend Social you will need to wait for your subscription to expire. You can find out when that is here. After you are no longer an upgraded member you can delete your account following the above steps at anytime.

If you actually want to fully delete your account, its permanent and you can do so

Please Note - We will NOT delete your account if you email us. Why? Because there is no way to verify it is you and not someone else pretending to be you and many other security reasons. Please take a few moments to log in and do so yourself. This is no different than most major websites like Facebook or Google. Please take a few moments to do this yourself.

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it here via your email address

​How can I see when someone last logged in/ read my message? Do you remove inactive members?

A.​ Women will deal with friendship searches differently. Some prefer to let others messages them because they are shy, others will be more proactive. Some women sign up in areas we have not done much marketing in yet. Some users get caught up with work or life and don’t log in daily, but will check in as they have time.
If you wish to see the last time a user logged in, or read your message, you can upgrade to being a gold member. Either way, every time you message a member, send a friend request or match with someone - they will get an email in their real email. Sometimes this is all a user will need to log back in, even if they haven’t logged in recently. We do disable accounts who's email address is no longer active, but because of all these reasons we do NOT remove accounts.

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Q.3​ ​​How​​ ​​Do​ ​I​ ​improve​ ​my​ ​chances​ ​of getting​ ​responses​ ​and​ ​meeting​ ​new​ ​friends?

A.​ There are several things you can do to help your friendship search. Here are 6 easy steps!

First - Realize it takes time to make friends. You won’t be a match with everyone you meet in life and no friendship site in the world is going to make that any different. Commit to taking this time for yourself to make real friends, breath, and stay positive.

Second - Have a detailed and complete profile that talks about your interests, friendship expectations and details about what kind of person you are. Longer more detailed profiles always provide better results. Include a real smiling photo of you to help build trust with members. Take time on this and update your profile as needed.

Third Don't Limit Your Friends Before You Start! Try to not put lots of conditions of what you are looking for as friends. These might be ideas in your head like must have kids near my kids age, exact same age range as me, won't be friends if your political beliefs don't match mine, must have the same exact interests, don't smoke, etc All of these limits are going to seriously limit the friends you can find! Many of the friends you have met through out your life you met because of random chance! For example you sat next to them in high school, or they happened to be friends with one of your existing friends, or you worked together. You didn't screen them with a hundred questions about their personal habits and beliefs before you gave them a chance to be friends. Of course you will want to look for some ladies who have some similar interests as you, but try and remember to not rule people out just because they are not your "perfect match". :)

Fourth - Take the first step - Message any members you find interesting. Even if you are shy or unsure - take a chance and regularly log in and send members a message first. If you wait for others to come to you, they may be doing the same thing! Try and include details about what you liked from their profile and what you think you might have in common. Remember to stay positive! Not all women will match back with you, some may be busy with other things - don’t take it personal!

Fifth - Consider some “pen pals” - there are more than half a million members on Girlfriend Social who just like you signed up to make friends. Most users are looking for local friend to do stuff with, but as mentioned that may take time. Consider connecting with a lady who is a few states or heck even countries over! These women, who may not be local, can still chat with you about your relationship, work, and hobbies online, while helping you improve your friendship making skills. Don’t limit your happinesses simply because of location. These possible friends, maybe a little farther away, can help with lonely times while you continue your hunt for a local bestie and maybe even someday be a fun travel friend for the future!

Sixth - Help the site help you! Check out our volunteer page for easy ways to get involved and help the site grow in your local area. It is as easy as printing out a flyer or becoming a greeter and helping other users in your area who sign up! Check out the volunteer page for more information.

Q.4 How Can I change my Username / Email?

A. You can easily do so at any time by logging into your account and then selecting the gear tab, and then account settings. The first two options on this page will allow you to change your username and email address.

Q.5 I got a message from someone, but when I logged in, I can't see any message from them?

A. This can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes a user sends an email and then deletes their account. Their messages and all site information will be deleted immediately when they do. Sometimes men or spammers will sign up on the site, get reported and are removed by us. You will receive an email in this case, but when you log in you won't see anything. Although this can be frustrating, there are lots of other women in your area to meet! Try using the search, match or sending another user a message instead.


Q.1 How Do You Keep Men Off The Site?

A. There is no way to check who the person is filling out forms on the computer. We make it very clear that the site is for women only. It will not stop all men. We take men on the site very seriously. If someone tells you they are a man or you suspect someone is, report them anonymously and we will investigate and remove them if applicable.

Q.2 Is it Safe To Meet Other Members Off Girlfriend Social?

A. Never assume that who you are talking to is who they say they are. You are encouraged to use the free messaging service on the site and not give your facebook, phone number or other personal contact information until you are comfortable. If you do decided to meet someone in person, we suggested you meet in a public area and let someone know where you are going to be. Listen to your female gut instinct and report anonymously anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable. We will investigate and remove them if applicable. You are also able to block any member who you don't like from communicating with you at any time via their profile.

Q.3 Another User is bothering me / Fake Account - What do I do?

A. You are able to block any user you do not like or get along with at any time and for any reason by clicking on the "block" button on their profile. This is the best way to deal with users you may not get along with.
If you suspect any user is fake, a man, selling things, spreading hate or on going harassing you on the site in anyway - please report them via the abuse button on their profile. We take all reports seriously and will investigate.
All that being said, We are all adults on this website and we not a baby sitting service. Ignoring and blocking members is your best course of action. Repeatedly reporting members via the abuse function who you "just do not get along with" may get your account removed.

Q.4 How Do You Protect My Privacy?

A. Girlfriend Social takes your privacy seriously. Your profile is filled out with your interests like music, books and the city you live in, but will not include personal contact information like your real name, address or phone number. We do not share that information with anyone. You will need to complete your full profile, but you only share what you are comfortable with. "Do not wish to answer" is always an option. You are encouraged to use the free messaging service and chat on the website and not give your facebook, phone number or other personal contact information until you are comfortable. You are also able to block any member who you don't like from communicating with you at any time. Review our full privacy policy here.

Help Out

Q.1 How Can I Help Out?

A.Many women are shocked to find out that Girlfriend Social is not backed or run by large corporations. This website is free for members. This means that 99% of the creation and coding of the website, features and requests are currently done purely on a volunteer basis, by a really small team of people. Usually just Amanda - and a few volunteer forum moderators. We've got tons of data on our servers, so the costs and time to take care of everything here really does add up! We need your help so women everywhere can make female friends... Click here to be taken to our volunteer page to learn how you can help out. Thank you!

Q.2 Do you have a Girlfriend Social App?

A.At this time Girlfriend Social does not have an app. It does have a fully functioning mobile webiste, that will allow you to do all the features of the website on your phone. You can also allow push notifications from the website to be notified when you get a message just like an app. You will also always receive emails. Many people are not aware but the cost to develop a mobile app is tens of thousands of dollars. This website is run by basically 1 person. We are working on development of the app, but it will take time. If you would like to support the site and get additional features, please check out the upgrade VIP tab.

Q.3 I don't like X feature or Why don't you have X feature?

A.Girlfriend Social is basically run by 1 person. Facebook for comparison has 17,000 people working for it as of 2017. Even the first year Facebook existed it had over 200 employees and had received several million in venture capital funding. Girlfriend Social has been running for 10 years is free to use, has never received funding, and relies on the support of users to upgrade. Features take time, issues will happen. We are working on them. Please feel free to send us some feedback, but try and keep in mind that rude criticisms don't help anyone. If you have a suggest or would like to help out, please use the contact feature below.