Careers/Volunteer at Girlfriend Social

Help? Why Does GFS Need Help?

Many women are shocked to find out that Girlfriend Social is not backed or run by large corporations. This website is free for members. This means that 99% of the creation and coding of the website, features and requests are currently done purely on a volunteer basis, by a really small team of people. Usually just Amanda - and a few volunteer forum moderators. We've got tons of data on our servers, so the costs and time to take care of everything here really does add up!
We need your help so women everywhere can make female friends...!!

Spread the Word

  • Everyone can do this one... The easiest way is to help spread the word by telling your friends, family, and coworkers. If you want you a simple "I just joined this cool website for women to make friends" As a facebook, or twitter status update makes a world of difference! Use the buttons below to do it right now..

  • Tweet: Ladies are you - Bored? Lonely? Want to get out of the house more? Join Girlfriend Social for free -

Print Out Our Flyer

Not too many women in your area? Print out our flyer(click here to see it and print it!) and leave it at the local grocery store, your gym, fitness class or on a sign post downtown. You wont have to approach anyone, but trust us you'll notice women in your area signing up!
Just click on the flyer and print it out in black and white or color and post at places you go. Women will sign up and we Thank you for helping spread the female friend power!

A BIG thank you to Jkitten20 for creating this flyer!

Content Creator or Media Connections?

Do you have a Blog or Youtube? Why not write up about your GFS experience or post a link back to the site? Or maybe you have some media connections? Do you have a friend from high school involved in the press? A gal pal who is a reporter or blogger herself? Your aunt or friend runs a female oriented business like a yoga studio, book club, or hair salon? (There may be ways we can work together..) Please drop our name and mention what a great female positive story idea Girlfriend Social is... or send us their contact info and we'll take it from there!

What can I do to Help and Still Have Some Fun? - Volunteer!

Volunteers get some unique privileges on the site and have a special volunteer badge shown on their profile.
If you are interested in any of these roles use the contact form on the bottom of every page or please email us at:

We are looking for Volunteers in the Following Areas:

Graphic Artist: Girlfriend Social could use your help creating fun posters, cards, and other promotional media that women can print out to advertise the website in their local area. Time is flexible and submit when you can! Email us with the subject - Graphic Artist Role.

GFS Greeter: Getting familiar with the website? The GFS Greeter will simply write a message to new members in their local areas and Let them know you are there to help. (with things like where is the message button or how do i attend events). This position doesn't take much time at all and is a great way to meet new friends in your area at the same time! Email us with the subject - GFS Greeter

Spell Checking: There are LOTS of spelling errors in the core section of the site (Hey we are not perfect!). If you want to help spellcheck, simply pick a "core GFS page" (not someone's profile or discussion post etc) and simply tell us the errors and the page. Do it once or do it semi regularly! Email us with the subject - Spelling Correction

Forum Monitor: Like reading the forums? We need a lady who will navigate the forums for spam, ladies needing help, advertisements, ladies being mean etc. Also creating new topics for ladies to chat about. You will be granted great powers of deleting and get special titles in the forum! Pick one category or a few. This position needs someone who will do it semi regularly. Email us with subject -Forum Moderator.

Writer: If you are a writer about any female topic or interest (thats pretty much everything) consider submitting some guest articles to the GFS blog. Check out the blog here and then Email us with the subject - Guest GFS Author.

Upgrade Instead...

Upgrade: If you would rather support the website with some money instead of your time and get some cool friendship search features at the same time... please check out how to upgrade your account to a Gold or Diamond Member. These funds are put directly back into making the website better including advertising in your local area and new and additional features that ONLY gold/diamond members get.

If you are interested in any of these roles please use the contact form on the bottom of every page or email us at:

Paid Positions at Girlfriend Social

We currently do not have any paid roles available at this time. Check back soon.