Save Money On Halloween Costumes

Its that time of year again folks! Halloween is just around the corner and as always little ghost and goblins (and big ones) are heading to the store to find out what flavour of creature, ghoul or princess they will be this year.

fridays_deal_halloween_costumesWith several kids at home or wanting something better than the non flamable plastic kind,  comes the hefty price tags attached to one night of fun. Why not spice it up and try some of these ideas instead?

  • Hold a “last years costume party” – Invite local parents, friends and family together for a get together where everyone brings Costumes of Halloween past. A quick switch-a-roo and last years costume is now new! Watch Charlie Browns Great pumpkin and Garfields Halloween to help get everyone in the mood!
  • The Local Dollar store is a HUGE supply of easy to throw together and inexpensive items. Before shelling out for the department store brand it is worth a look.
  • Known to many the local thrift stores have an endless supply of tacky old dresses, spooky suits and white sheets perfect for making ghosts.

Halloween is all about fun! Taking a few moments to make a great costume will get your more in the spirt of the night but remember things don’t have to be expensive!

Written by Amanda Blain

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