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  • Zodiac Signs of the Celebrities

    Astrology is a very fun hobby for many people, putting it to work with analyzing celebrities is a really fun hing to do, since celebrities live their life in the spotlight it’s fun to compare their behavior with their sign. Some may simply find this a source of general entertainment but there is much truth […]

  • Breast cancer awareness

    I recently had a scare with breast cancer and I decided to research it. I found out that just because your Mammogram and Ultrasound are clear doesn’t mean you are free of breast cancer. There are many types, and some do not involve a solid mass. There is a type of breast cancer called Inflammatory […]

  • Relationship Rehab! Rehabbing Your Heart After a Breakup

    After a heart wrenching break up or a series of challenging relationships, we often find ourselves becoming lost in the ugly mire of projecting negative thought patterns on the world around us and onto the being within us. How many of us have witnessed ourselves thinking “love does not really exist”…. “relationships are an illusion”….. […]

  • Can We Women Really Have It All?

    These days, it is all about choice. From the moment you wake up (toast or cereal?) right until bedtime (do I turn the heater up or down?) at every turn, we are faced with a myriad of choices. In fact, this world offers us a sometimes overwhelming array of decisions even before we have our […]

  • Friendship Tips – Avoid Being A “Third Wheel”

    Uh oh. Third Wheel. Perhaps the worst two word to hit friendship since the dawn of time. No one every wants to be that odd person out. Let’s make sure we are all playing with the same terms here.

    What is a “Third Wheel”?
    third wheel definition
    1. n.
    an extra person; a person who gets in the way. (Such a person is as useful as a third wheel on a bicycle.) : Well, let’s face it. We don’t need you. You are a third wheel.

    This friendship beast usually appears when your long time gal pal suddenly enters into a new relationship. Sometimes it applies to a group of three of the same

  • It Takes Two to Tango… or does it?

    Running a friendship site gives one certain perspective into the world of friends.  Many women join the girlfriend social website because of random life changes like having a baby, getting married or moving, but there are also lots of ladies who have had a falling out with a long time gal pal. Friendships like any […]

  • Your Daily Self Esteem Boost

    Every girl has one of those days where no matter how much makeup, designer skirts or expensive creams you use…  you still feel like the back floor of a taxi cab. In light of this.. Girlfriend Social and MsTaken brings you .. “Louis Vuittons Models without makeup”… Have a look.. trust us… you’ll feel better.. […]

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