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  • The Myth of a BFF?

    When we are little girls we are told that life will look a lot like Disney. Our parents read us bed time stories and tell us what beautiful little girls we are. As part of this constant mix we are told that we will meet a girl pal and be the bestest of friends for […]

  • Friendship Tips – Avoid Being A “Third Wheel”

    Uh oh. Third Wheel. Perhaps the worst two word to hit friendship since the dawn of time. No one every wants to be that odd person out. Let’s make sure we are all playing with the same terms here.

    What is a “Third Wheel”?
    third wheel definition
    1. n.
    an extra person; a person who gets in the way. (Such a person is as useful as a third wheel on a bicycle.) : Well, let’s face it. We don’t need you. You are a third wheel.

    This friendship beast usually appears when your long time gal pal suddenly enters into a new relationship. Sometimes it applies to a group of three of the same

  • What it means to be a girl

    “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”
    Coco Chanel

    And that’s what I’m sure all of us here are! As girls, we have the power to constantly change up our looks, personality and the way others perceive us, just by using make-up, dressing up, or using our ‘female instincts’. However, one thing

  • It Takes Two to Tango… or does it?

    Running a friendship site gives one certain perspective into the world of friends.  Many women join the girlfriend social website because of random life changes like having a baby, getting married or moving, but there are also lots of ladies who have had a falling out with a long time gal pal. Friendships like any […]

  • 43 Awesome Friendship Quotes

    Here is a list of 43 awesome friendship quotes! Being self employed requires a certain amount of daily motivation, I often look to quotes for a quick perspective on what is around me. The same thing can be said about the journey of friendship. If you are in a place where you are having a hard […]